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Trish De La Rosa’s Top 10 Wackiest Jobs On “Austin & Ally”


Trish De La Rosa’s Top 10 Wackiest Jobs On “Austin & Ally”

Believe it or not, she got fired from all of them!

If you’ve ever seen Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally, you surely know all about Trish De La Rosa – portrayed by the fabulous Raini Rodriguez – and her never-ending resume. In almost every episode, of course, Trish works a new job at the mall and is fired for being a bad employee.

Because we love the show (and Raini) so much, here are 10 of Trish’s wackiest job experiences on the sitcom.

1. In “Zaliens & Cloud Watchers,” Trish was hired at the shop Cheese Out Of My League. She has to wear a suit made entirely out of actual cheese – even her underwear!

2. In “Tickets & Trashbags,” Trish was hired at Megaphone World. She uses the megaphone siren to annoy “Shiny Money” into performing with Austin at the Miami Music Awards.

3. In “Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath,” Trish was hired at Phil’s Fun Town. She operated and broke a roller coaster, Ferris wheel and spinning tubs.

4. In “Kangaroos & Chaos,” Trish was hired at the Yo-Yo Cart. She got the job by convincing the mangers that she was a yo-yo champion from a fake island.

5. In “Burglaries & Boobytraps,” Trish was hired at The Yarn Barn. During her time there, she knit a blanket so soft that everyone who lies on it immediately falls asleep.

6. In “Songwriting & Starfish,” Trish was hired at Scoop, There It Is. She was let go for leaving the shop unlocked, sleeping in the freezer, making customers pay for free samples and, among other violations, scooping ice cream with her hand.

7. In “Deejays & Demos,” Trish was hired at Pick a Card – a store that sells greeting cards for every occasion. She lost the job because she disorganized their inventory.

8. In “Managers & Meatballs,” Trish was hired at It’s a Racket. She got fired for hitting Dez and stealing a tennis ball machine from the store.

9. In “Spas & Spices,” Trish was hired at Tranquility Spa. When she gives Ally a free treatment, things go horribly wrong.

10. And finally, in a “Bloggers & Butterflies” flashback, Trish recalls her first job ever as a Hall Monitor in kindergarten. She got fired for charging students to use the bathroom.

*laughs forever*

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