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#TVTuesday: Meet the 9 Most Iconic TV Teachers of All Time!


#TVTuesday: Meet the 9 Most Iconic TV Teachers of All Time!

See the characters who “made the grade”

For every popular kids’ show, you can always count on there to be a quirky teacher leading the way, sharing lots of laughs and infinite wisdom. Here are nine of our favorite TV teachers.

9. Mr. Lawler – “That’s So Raven.” How could you ever forget The Spit Chair?

8. Miss Ungermeyer – “The Lizzie McGuire Movie.” We can’t think of a better tour guide!

7. Erwin Sikowitz – “Victorious.” Cause we’ve always wanted a teacher who can drink from a coconut.

6. Mr. Matthews – “90210.” We wish he never left the show!

5. Fairy Godmother – “Descendants” DCOMs. She succeeded at the task of teaching the villains how to be good!

4. Mrs. Darbus – “High School Musical.” Her reactions during auditions were GOLD!

3. Mr. Belding – “Saved by the Bell.” Because if he didn’t make the list, we know he’d be like, “Hey, hey, hey, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!”

2. Cory Matthews – “Girl Meets World.” He did have the best example though….

1. Mr. Feeny – “Boy Meets World.” John Adams High would not have been the same without him & let’s face it, neither would we!

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