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#TwinningTuesday: Both of These Photos Are NOT Alli Simpson


#TwinningTuesday: Both of These Photos Are NOT Alli Simpson

The resemblance between these two is CRAZY!

You know how they say everyone has a doppelganger? That somewhere on the planet, there’s someone who looks JUST. LIKE. YOU?!

Well, we found Alli Simpson’s and the resemblance is astounding. 

Veronika Dash is a Los Angeles-based actress, who’s working on three movies this year. Speaking of movies, Veronika and Alli could totally play sisters in one and we know they’re both down for it!

Recently, the pair had a super cute convo via Veronika’s Instagram page, where Alli wrote, “I freaked out and thought it was me in this video! A friend just showed me your page. Long lost sister.” And Veronika responded, “The same thing happened to me!! Someone posted your picture on my FB a few years ago & I was like ‘When did I take this?’ And then I realized it wasn’t me!” 

See for yourself just how twinning these two really are!

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