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UPDATE: #CupsForBen Has The Happiest Holiday Ending


UPDATE: #CupsForBen Has The Happiest Holiday Ending

See what happened for Ben since our last post!

Back in November, we told you about Marc Carter’s 14-year-old son, Ben. Ben was born with severe autism, which makes him interact and communicate differently than most teens. 

It’s estimated that 1 in every 68 children is born with autism, and it’s important to understand that while different people have different needs, it doesn’t make them any less amazing: Everyone should be treated with love and respect.

One characteristic of autism is the need for repetition in certain habits. For Ben, he only drinks from one specific cup. “Since the age of 2, he has drunk exclusively from a little blue Tommee Tippee cup,” his dad shared. “Ben hasn’t drunk at school since the age of 5, he doesn’t drink outside of the house so we can’t go anywhere. People say he will drink when he’s thirsty, but two emergency trips with severe dehydration say otherwise.”

Unfortunately, the only cup Ben drinks from was discontinued years ago, and his dad was at a loss for what to do. So, he took to Twitter to share his story:

Enter #TeamInternet. The tweet has since been retweeted nearly 20,000 times! And Tommee Tippee even sent Ben a birthday care package:

But they didn’t stop there – inspired by the outpouring of love on social media, the amazing company decided to manufacture 500 #CupsForBen, just in time for Christmas!

It really is the most wonderful time of the year, and whether you realize it or not, the voice you use on social media & IRL is tremendously powerful and more capable than you know of creating a positive change. Yay #TeamInternet!

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