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Wacky Wednesday: Austin & Ally Edition


Wacky Wednesday: Austin & Ally Edition

Over the years, Ross, Raini, Laura, and Calum have worked hard to bring you the very best characters for your favorite TV show and we could not be more grateful for that. We’re so proud of them and we know you can’t wait to see what’s next in store for these amazing actors and people. But enough of that sappy stuff! Here are their most embarrassing moments that we spent a lot of time digging up!


Calum Worthy

“There was a scene where I had to walk off camera but I couldn’t get past the cameras. So I had to just go to this wall and it was a really serious scene in one of the final few episodes and I had to walk off and be upset and it was very emotional but I could only walk about two feet so I had to say like ‘bye guy’ and then just stand there! Ross kept looking over at me and he could not keep it together so then I couldn’t keep it together! Pretty much every single day there’s a story like that.”

Raini Rodriguez

“I was at the Young Hollywood Awards and it was one of my first times ever wearing heels so I was trying to act all big and bad, so I got dressed and I took off my shoes in the car because they were bothering me. I put them back on right before I got on the red carpet and I was on the red carpet like dying and I was so ready to go and my feet hurt so badly but I couldn’t figure out why and then my mom pulled me over and told me that my left shoe had been on my right foot and my right shoe had been on my left foot! I went down the entire red carpet that way!”

Ross Lynch

“My first crush was in 4th grade. She was in my elementary school and her name was Taylor. She had really cute earrings I remember. But then she ended up asking Rocky out! But i think it was because I was in 4th grade and she was in 6th grade.”

Laura Marano

“One time, Austin & Ally and Jessie were doing a crossover episode and there was a scene where I had to sit in a chair and somehow the chair flipped over! I don’t want to talk about it! Everyone was laughing.”

BONUS Laura moment!

“I’m going to college right now, and I was walking to class and there was nothing in my way. It was flat ground, and I still fell on my face. I wasn’t with my friends, so it was kind of low key, but to the two people that saw, I was like, ‘…hey.'”


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