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Workout Wednesday: Kat McNamara


Workout Wednesday: Kat McNamara

See the “Shadowhunters” Star’s Workout Style

New year, new goals! Now that 2016 is officially here, it’s time to put your goals into action. If one of your resolutions is to be more active, Kat McNamara can help get you inspired AND keep you on track – not just for the month of January, but all year long! How, you ask? With realistic workouts and fun fitness gear!

An easy way to start? Go for a run! Kat loves lacing up her running shoes to hit the outdoors for a jog. If you have a pet, bring them along, too. It’s 10x more fun with a workout buddy. To motivate yourself to keep up with the jogging, start a journal or log the days you run in your cell phone. It’ll help you keep track of how often you work out, and remind you not to slack off!

Don’t forget to stretch before AND after a run – it’s important! Another great way to stretch is to try yoga. If you’ve never taken a class, check out some basic yoga moves on YouTube (there are a ton of videos!), buy a yoga mat and try the moves on your own in your backyard or with friends at a park.

Having cute workout gear always helps, too! You can watch Kat kick butt on her new show, Shadowhunters, which premieres next Tuesday at 9/8 c on freeform (formerly ABC Family). Click the links below to find out where you can shop to copy Kat’s outfit!

1. Sports bra

2. White camisole

3. Capri leggings

4. Cozy flannel 

5. Nike Free running shoes

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