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Watch 11 Stars Cover The “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” Rap


Watch 11 Stars Cover The “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” Rap

“In West Philadelphia born and raised!”

Whether you watched The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air during its 1990 and 1996 run or recently on Netflix, you know and love the show’s theme song. Will Smith originally rapped the iconic tune, but some of your fave celebrities have since performed it too.

From One Direction to Little Mix, watch and enjoy the incredible Fresh Prince covers below!

1. One Direction put their adorable boy band spin on the theme song:

2. Ed Sheeran slowed it down on acoustic guitar:

3. Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake went all out during their history of rap performance:

4. Little Mix added their signature spunky twist to the tune:

5. Mo’ne Davis nailed every word of the intro:

6. Hunter Hayes & Carrie Underwood tried their best and got ~most~ of the lyrics:

7. And, of course, Will & Jaden Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff & Alfonso Ribeiro’s rendition did not disappoint:

*listens to the “Fresh Prince” theme on repeat*

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