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These Celebs Failed Their Driver’s License Test


These Celebs Failed Their Driver’s License Test

The first one is just practice anyway.

Taking the test for your driver’s license is way harder than it looks. Passing it can depend on a number of things like your test administrator, the road conditions that day, how everyone around you is driving, etc., so it’s not a surprise that even some of our favorite celebs have failed it. Just this weekend, Jaden Smith made public that he was super upset after failing the test – so much so that he wants to leave California! No, Jaden!

See 10 celebs who have also failed their driver’s tests:

1. Jaden Smith went live on Instagram to discuss how upset he was over his failed license test. Trust us Jaden, it’s really discouraging at first, but once you pass you’ll forget all about failing!

2. Austin Mahone’s DMV drama had fans on the edge of their seats. First, Austin tweeted to fans for good luck on his test.

Then he notified them that he failed…

Then he somehow got to take the test again on the same day!

But then he failed again…

3. Meghan Trainor also learned that sometimes the first try is just a practice round!

4. “Fear The Walking Dead” star Alycia Debnam-Carey failed her test three times!

5. Emma Roberts has her license now, but when she was a teenager, she failed the test twice! “I failed my driving test and then my permit expired. And then I failed my permit test when I retook it.”

6. YouTuber Jenna Romano failed her test THREE times and shared the story!

7. Dinah Jane says she doesn’t think she will ever get her license because she can’t pass a driving game!

Do YOU have your license? Was it hard to get?!

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