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WATCH: Acrobatic Hoverboard Dance to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry!”


WATCH: Acrobatic Hoverboard Dance to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry!”


OK, we totally love a good cover song, but we gotta admit, choreography covers are just as awesome!

That’s why, when we discovered this new video of gymnasts showing off their SUPER impressive skills on hoverboards to JB’s hit “Sorry,” we totally lost our minds!

Seriously, it’s SOOOO good.

The viral video was uploaded by dance duo Kailey and Kelianne from Los Angeles, California, and features them showing off their moves with a few of their just-as-talented friends.

Kailey, 19, told DailyMail in an interview that it only took them two three-hour rehearsals to get the groups’ routine down perfectly. 

As if Justin’s official music video wasn’t cool enough, these girls are making us love the song EVEN MORE.

If you haven’t seen it, press play on the video below now (and p.s. we totally don’t blame you for sharing this with your BFFs, either!).

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