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Watch “Queer Kid Stuff” Perfectly Break Down the LGBT Acronym


Watch “Queer Kid Stuff” Perfectly Break Down the LGBT Acronym

Count on this YouTube channel to always keep things fun and educational!

In the latest episode of Queer Kid Stuff, Lindsay and her pal Teddy break down the LGBT acronym. In the next couple of weeks, they will be tackling the acronym letter by letter. In this week’s video, they break down the first letter which stands for ‘Lesbian.’

“We’re differentiating between ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ and working on expanding our vocabulary,” Lindsay told the Huffington Post. “Additionally, I wanted to touch on what different people with the same sexuality might look like and how not every lesbian might be butch or femme or androgynous and how personal that can be for some people. This was important to look at since we haven’t been focusing much on gender presentation and expression yet and I’m starting to sneak that into the lesson since it’s such a huge part of queer identity.”

Queer Kid Stuff is a weekly YouTube series that breaks down queer themes and experiences in a way that is fun and educational for children. Past episodes include talking about feminism and breaking down queer themes in Steven Universe.

Watch the latest video down below and stay tuned for more from Lindsay and Teddy!

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