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#WCW: See 8 Reasons Why We Love Everything About Ariel


#WCW: See 8 Reasons Why We Love Everything About Ariel

The “Modern Family” star is setting an example not just for her nieces, but for all of us

She’s best known for playing one of our favorite characters on television, the oh-so-relatable Alex Dunphy. But it’s what the Modern Family star does offset that makes her our WCW. From her fierce commitment to women’s and LGBTQ rights, to her fearlessness in handling bullies and negativity, Ariel is simply awesome. 

Just moments ago, Ariel announced that she’s teaming up with Dove’s Self-Esteem Project. “To empower young women, you have to be that example,” she shares. Ariel wants to set an example for her two young nieces. “It’s important for me to promote body positivity to them because they go to school and kids use the word fat all the time…I show them that I’m confident and feel good about myself and that’s the best way to teach them.”  

These 8 Instagram posts show why Ariel Winter is our #WCW:

1. She’s always posting inspiring quotes that give us that push we need to get through the day:

2. She loves her on-screen family like they’re her real-life family:

3. Her puppy is the cutest!

4. She supports women and always promotes body positivity:

5. She’s working to help end the stigma associated with mental illness.

6. She uses her celebrity platform to uplift others, like 6-year-old cancer patient Lucas, who wanted to receive cards on his birthday!

7. Her new partnership with Dove will improve the self-esteem of young women all over the world:

8. Ariel consistently reminds us to love ourselves! “My message to all young girls is simple,” she says. “LOVE YOURSELF! Love yourself the way you deserved to be loved: unconditionally, respecting your needs, and for ALL that you are.”

We love you Ariel Winter, not just today, but every day!

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