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We Heart Hayley Kiyoko’s Instagram Challenge


We Heart Hayley Kiyoko’s Instagram Challenge

“Confidence starts within,” says the “Feelings” singer

If you follow Hayley Kiyoko on social media, you know how close she is with her family, especially her big sister, Alysse.

You’ll also know how passionate Hayley is about loving and accepting yourself. And this week, she challenged her followers to an amazing exercise in confidence that we’re totally accepting!

Check out what she said:

My sister growing up would look in the mirror and say to herself ‘wow, I am gorgeous’. I would look at her and think. WOW….I wanna love myself as much as she does. So I started looking in the mirror and saying it to myself. I CHALLENGE you this week to look into the mirror and say with power and strength ‘WOW I AM GORGEOUS’  Beauty, and confidence starts within. Let’s do it together 🙂

We are so on board with this! Hayley is currently on the road with Panic! at the Disco. Click here to see if she’s coming to your city!

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