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We’ve Got Your Sneak Peek at “Rufus 2”


We’ve Got Your Sneak Peek at “Rufus 2”

Jace, Davis & Haley are BACK!

Earlier today, Nickelodeon released the first trailer for Rufus 2, which premieres next month! And there’s a new addition to the awesome cast: School of Rock’s Jade Pettyjohn!

Check out the details and watch the preview below!

Rufus (Norman) is back with his best buds Manny (Cleveland) and Paige (Tju). But with a crack in his magic amulet, Rufus has trouble controlling his transformations and unexpectedly pops back to his dog body at the least opportune times. This makes things particularly challenging when it comes to finding a girlfriend. When new girl Kat (Pettyjohn) shows up at school, Rufus is immediately smitten despite some of her peculiar behavior. Even though she drinks a lot of milk, loves yarn, and hates dogs, Rufus is sure she’s the girl for him. But with the evil Mr. S plotting to get his hands on that amulet, Manny and Paige are unsure of who they can trust. 

We hope Jace will come back to the YSBnow house for another PAWESOME interview!

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