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Okay, Why Is Everyone In Singapore & Why Didn’t We Get An Invite?


Okay, Why Is Everyone In Singapore & Why Didn’t We Get An Invite?

Actually, are they even there at all? YSBnow investigates!

Singapore is a beautiful, beautiful country that we dream of visiting someday. And if you’re anything like us, you scroll through Instagram pretty much all day long. Today, we noticed that literally EVERYONE was in Singapore. Okay, what?

Questions that we asked ourselves:

1-Is this the latest trend a la #MannequinChallenge or planking? 

2-Is this an inside joke we’re not cool enough to know about?

3-Is there some amazinggggg event going on in Singapore that we weren’t invited to?

The answer to questions 1, 2, & 3 is a big fat nope. Here’s the scoop, and shout-out to Jake Paul for calling it out last week, and Taylor Lorenz at for investigating while we were busy ordering Domino’s pizza. Taylor writes, “Some guessed that Instagram has been slower to roll out the algorithmic feed in certain Asian countries such as Singapore, and that by geotagging their posts there, they’re able to reach the top of users’ feeds more easily.” Hashtag Mind Blown. 

We kinda wanna test it out. But instead, we’re gonna get our passports renewed in case anyone from Singapore is reading this and wants to let us stay on their couch. 


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