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#WhackyWednesday: Your OMG Moments + Brenna D’Amico’s Set Slip-Up


#WhackyWednesday: Your OMG Moments + Brenna D’Amico’s Set Slip-Up

The “Descendants” star talks about the time she took a spill on the steps!

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time to share the top 3 OMG moments we received from YSBnow viewers this week! Plus, Brenna D’Amico talks about her #TrailerTroubles!

Graduation FAIL

Last year for my 8th grade graduation, I was so excited because I got to sit next to my crush so I knew the pictures of us together would be really cute. I got my hair done and I was wearing the cutest dress that day and everything went perfectly during the ceremony! Afterwards, we all stand outside and talk to our families and eat snacks so I was excited to hang out with my crush. All of a sudden, my annoying older sister came up and right in front of everyone, asked if my crush would take a picture with me. He asked “why” and she said “oh just for the memories” and it was SO obvious what was going on! I had to take the picture to make it not weird but it was SO embarrassing! 

Adreanna, 14

Coachella Liar!

I live in Los Angeles, and after Coachella Weekend, all the popular girls were talking about how they’d went and what celebs they saw. My parents wouldn’t let me go so I just nodded my head like I knew what they were talking about. Then, one girl asked me if I had gone but I didn’t understand what she said and just said “yeah” cause I thought she was asking something else. Then another girl stopped talking and loudly said, “Hailey, you didn’t go to Coachella!” I said, “Yeah I know” and then everyone acted like I was lying about going! It was super embarrassing!

-Hailey, 16

Rollercoaster Photo Fail

I went to a theme park with a big group of friends last weekend and it was the best day ever. I was having so much fun, my crush was flriting with me, and little did everyone know, but I went on an upside-down rollercoaster for the first time! As soon as we got off the ride, one of my friends said, “Hey come over here! They took pics during the ride!” There was a little kiosk where they had all the photos showing on TVs and you could buy them. My face turned beet-red when I saw mine: I looked SO scared! My crush goes, “OMG you look like you just got kidnapped by aliens!” Everyone laughed so hard and my crush even bought it for me on a keychain as a joke. I was mortified!

-Jenna, 16

Even celebs have embarrassing moments!

Watch below as Brenna spills her on-set OMG:

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