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What Is Why Don’t We Snacking On This Summer?


What Is Why Don’t We Snacking On This Summer?

Find out their go-to snack!

In between repeat plays of Why Don’t We’s latest music videos, we love to see what the guys are up to on social media! Sometimes they’re tweeting hilarious things that have happened on tour, while other times they’re tweeting about how much they love their fans, but one tweet in particular caught our eye this week!

We LOVE to know what our fave celebs are snacking on and the guys recently spilled one of their fave snacks! Snacking like our fave stars reminds us of them and totally makes it easier to throw themed parties when there are releases happening! 

Chips and salsa! Simple but such a fun snack! Now the next time Why Don’t We has an album drop or a music video premiere, we know exactly which snacks to buy! What’s YOUR favorite summer snack?

Check out the guys’ latest music videos for “Talk” and “Hooked” now:

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