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What’s Coming to Netflix in December–and What’s *Sniff* Leaving


What’s Coming to Netflix in December–and What’s *Sniff* Leaving

Goodbye, my lover….goodbye, my friend…

The month-to-month Netflix transition is as harrowing as waiting to see if there will be another Gilmore Girls revival to follow that cliff-hanger. (There will be, right? Right??) I’ve taken the liberties of glancing over what is coming and what is leaving this December, and listing the highlights (and, well, lowlights) for you here. 


1. Fuller House Season 2

That’s right, the Full House revival series has been renewed for a second season, and your wait is almost up! Will the Olson twins finally return? (I literally don’t know; if you know tweet me.) 

2. Angels in the Snow

Another heartwarming family Christmas story! *scavenges through cupboard for hot chocolate*

3. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

The title gives you as much of a premise as you need; watch a couple struggle to cope with locating their now-miniature children, and watch said-children try to escape the scariest bugs you’ll ever encounter.

4. A Holiday Engagement

Dumped just before Thanksgiving, this misguided woman hires an actor to play her boyfriend, and chaos of course ensues.

5. Picture Perfect

Another pretend-engagement! This flick has Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Bacon, and all of the promise of a good rom-com.


1. 50 First Dates

Okay, I’m leaving my impartiality for a moment to say that this movie is the BEST and you all need to watch it ASAP because it’s leaving, which is a travesty!! Also, Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, and a woman with daily memory loss. 

2. Cats & Dogs

It’s Cats vs. Dogs in this fun, competitive flick–pick your side.

3. Just Friends

What happens when a now-handsome, successful man reacquaints himself with his high-school best friend who he has always held a torch for?

4. Holes

Based on the award-winning YA novel, this film features boys sent to a desert detention camp with mysteries abound.

5. Spy Kids

The children of secret-agent parents must become secret agents themselves in order to save them.

Some of these picks are leaving mid-December rather than December 1, so try not to panic *too* much. Happy viewing! 

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