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Activist Rowan Blanchard’s 10 Fiercest Feminist Moments


Activist Rowan Blanchard’s 10 Fiercest Feminist Moments

This article started out six pages long.

by Molly Thomson

Is there anyone better representative of Gen Z’s potential than Rowan Blanchard? At age 15 she has already guest-edited an issue of Teen Vogue, been hailed as a feminist icon, and proven herself as an activist in the political, LGBTQ, and mental health spheres. She uses her hefty Instagram and Twitter following to raise awareness for a slew of causes while most stars her age use it to increase their own followings, she attends protests for issues she is too young to vote on, and she is also one of the people I would most like to invite to a dinner party. 

Her feminism shows how smart and strong she is, and has been, ever since an unnerving and sexist microaggression made her feel unsafe and sparked her participation in the movement. I could keep going (and going and going, and going) but I’ll let her actions do the work for me. Here are X of Rowan’s fiercest feminist moments:

1. When she described her journey with feminism:

2. When she pointed out why girls are SO powerful:

3. When she shared what inspired her:

4. When she outlined the steps to equality:

5. When she looked up to other feminists:

6. When she was a better public speaker than I’ll ever be at We Day

7. When she knew feminism is about intersectionality:

8. When she gave a moving UN speech:

9. When she supported the #Suffragette campaign:

10. And, finally, when she took over Teen Vogue:

Row, you are inspiring and empowering, and our obsession for you knows no bounds.

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