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#WorkoutWednesday: Kat McNamara Shares Her Routine & Top Tips


#WorkoutWednesday: Kat McNamara Shares Her Routine & Top Tips

The “Shadowhunters” star dishes exclusively to YSBnow!

We may be six weeks away from 2019, but now’s as good as ever to start working towards your fitness goals. 

1. An easy way to start? Go for a walk or run with your best friend or pupper!

Kat loves lacing up her running shoes to hit the outdoors for a jog. It’s 10x more fun with a workout buddy. To motivate yourself to keep up with the jogging, start a journal or log the days you run in your cell phone. It’ll help you keep track of how often you work out, and remind you not to slack off!

2. Stretch!

It’s so important for your muscles to stretch before and after a workout. One great way to stretch is to try yoga. If you’ve never taken a class, check out some basic yoga moves on YouTube (there are a ton of videos!), buy a yoga mat and try the moves on your own in your backyard or with friends at a park.

3. Find an exercise you love!

“I love working out,” Kat tells YSBnow. “It gives me time to think, listen to my favorite music, or read a good book, all while doing something healthy.”

The best part of working out? According to Kat, it’s the fact that there’s some type of exercise designed for anyone’s preferences, like yoga, dancing, gymnastics, soccer, you name it!

“There are so many different ways to exercise, something for everyone,” she explains. 

More importantly, she wants YSBnow readers to know that no matter if you’re a fitness pro whose been working out for years OR an athlete who stays active through after-school sports OR a newbie just kickstarting your gym routine, it’s not about how you look on the outside: It’s all about being HEALTHY.

“Fitness is not about looking a certain way or changing your appearance, it’s about how you feel,” she tells YSBnow. “And creating positive energy from the inside out.”

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