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6 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait To See “Instant Family”


6 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait To See “Instant Family”

Isabela Moner’s latest movie hits theaters tomorrow!

You can catch the new movie Instant Family, when it hits theaters nationwide this weekend. The feel-good film follows a married couple who want to adopt a child, and end up fostering an entire family of three siblings: teenage Lizzie (Isabela Moner), her younger brother Juan, and their 5-year-old little sister Lita. It’s not long before the couple is overwhelmed by suddenly raising three kids, which is the setting for a hilarious comedy AND a poignant message about family. 

Check out the trailer!

Since we’re so excited for the movie, we’re rounding up six reasons why we can’t wait to see it.

1. It stars one of our absolute faves, Isabela Moner, who’s not only an incredible actress and singer, but also a seriously inspirational person:

2. She plays a teen in the foster care system, shining a light on a bigger issue. There are thousands of adolescents in need of adoptive families, but foster parents often want to adopt newborn babies.

3. It’s based on a true story! How awesome is that!?

4. We love that Lizzie, Juan, and Lita stay together in the movie. Oftentimes, brothers and sisters get separated during the foster care and adoption process. Hopefully, the film will inspire other adoptive parents to keep siblings together.

5. Isabela is on the soundtrack! You can hear her singing the empowering track “I’ll Stay,” which she wrote with Justin Tranter and Kennedi. “The lyrics are sooo personal to me,” she says.

6. The cast is iconic! In addition to Isabela, it also stars Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne, Octavia Spencer.

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