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#WorkoutWednesday with Dinah Jane


#WorkoutWednesday with Dinah Jane

The “Bottled Up” singer shares her fitness faves & wellness tips

Ever since her 5H days, Dinah Jane’s loved hitting the gym!


Here’s how she stays lean and healthy!

1. Avoid sugary sodas and stay hydrated with water and other health beverages. Dinah swears by kombucha. “It’s full of antioxidants and probiotics that my body needs,” she says.

2. Make an awesome workout playlist, filled with upbeat songs you love. Dinah’s go-to playlist includes Rihanna and A$AP Rocky.

3. Let yourself have foods you love, in moderation. For Dinah, that’s pizza and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos!

4. Vary up your workouts so you don’t get bored. Dinah loves hiking, dancing, Zumba, and the go-to exercise she can do anywhere: running!

5. Take time for yourself. “Making an effort to take time out for yourself—whether it’s working out or simply getting a good night’s rest—is definitely something I’d highly recommend,” she says.

6. Love your body and don’t compare it to anyone else’s! “Being Polynesian, I’m naturally thick-boned,” she says. “I realized that I needed to stop bringing myself down.” YES, DINAH!

What are your best fitness and self-care tips? DM us on Instagram @ysbnow!

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