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Yara Shahidi Pens A Prolific & Powerful Letter


Yara Shahidi Pens A Prolific & Powerful Letter

“I am the result of love”

The name “Yara” is Persian for “someone who is close to your heart.” And while we usually see Yara Shahidi with her TV family, we’ve had her real-life family in our hearts for the past few days. See, Yara’s father, Afshin, emigrated to America from Iran almost 40 years ago.

Yara and her father

On Sunday, Yara penned a powerful message that she shared on Instagram. “I am the result of love,” she wrote. “More specifically, Black and Iranian love. Of Shia love, of Christian love, of American love, of a love that highlights how interconnected we truly are. If my Baba was stuck in an airport because of a Muslim ban 39 years ago, he would have never fallen in love with my mama. I would not exist and I wouldn’t have two amazing brothers.”

Yara is a tremendous example of how powerful your voice can be. Read the rest at her Instagram.

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