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#TourTuesday: 10 Reasons We Bought Tickets For Why Don’t We’s Tour


#TourTuesday: 10 Reasons We Bought Tickets For Why Don’t We’s Tour

The “Taking You” Tour is the hottest ticket out there right now.

Why Don’t We is currently on their Taking You Tour for another three weeks and we’re here to tell you that if they come to your city, you really need to go. These guys are quickly becoming one of the hottest bands in the game, so how cool to be able to say that you were there for their first tour?!

Here are 10 reasons you need to go to the Taking You Tour:

1. Their meet and greets are adorable and they actually give you time to chat with the guys.

2. Even if you don’t get meet and greets for the shows, chances are you might just meet the guys anyway because they WANT to meet you.

3. They hang out in the cities during down time so if they’re in your city, keep an eye out!

4. Come on…just look at their faces! How could you not want to see these boys on tour?

5. They’ve been going live DURING the shows. How cool is that?!

6. Tea time is still going strong, even on tour.

7. They are more than grateful for every single fan that attends the show.


9. This. Enough said.

10. This tour really is all about the fans. The guys want to see smiles on your faces and they are so proud of every single fan they have.

Are you going to the show? Let us know on Twitter @YSBnow!

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