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You’ll Love the Clever Way the “Descendants 3” Cast Is Giving Back


You’ll Love the Clever Way the “Descendants 3” Cast Is Giving Back

This hilarious tradition they follow while filming is actually GENIUS.

How many times a day do you get caught yawning? Whether you’re tired, bored, or just catching your BFF’s contagious yawns, we’re sure you let loose a sigh more than you even realize! Well, the “Descendants 3” cast is turning their own on-set yawns into cash donations for a great cause.

The Disney Channel Original Movie’s director Kenny Ortega took to Instagram to share a photo of the D3 “Yawn Jar,” which prompts actors, crew members, and visitors to pay up if they’re caught yawning while filming! The donations are then added up to donate to the Make-A-Wish Organization, which helps provide children with life-threatening illnesses the chance to experience their biggest dreams.

It’s a long-standing Disney family tradition, and Kenny explains it best himself:

“13 years ago, while filming High School Musical, I started a Yawn Jar. For every yawn I caught from my Cast & Crew I collected a dollar for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and at the end of production I would match the pot,” he posted on Instagram. “We would then present the collection to the foundation. Disney has sponsored so many Make-A-Wish children on my sets over the last nine movies. I’m thrilled that the tradition has continued on into Descendants 3. Thanks to my loving Cast & Crew for their yawns! #makeawish #makeawishfoundation #descendants3 #D3 #YawnJar @makeawishamerica @makeawishca.”

What a genius idea! We’re totally stealing this fun idea — and we know a lot of families out there could have fun raising funds while combating yawning at the dinner table!

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