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YouTube Star Rachel Levin Faces Inner-Critic In Vulnerable Video


YouTube Star Rachel Levin Faces Inner-Critic In Vulnerable Video

Sometimes we forget who we’re really insulting.

by Danielle Sinay

Beauty blogger Rachel Levin has taken to YouTube once again – but this time, not for a quirky video like “Super Hero Pool Party.” Instead, she used the popular platform to address the harm of self-bullying, bravely posting the vulnerable video titled “I AM UGLY.”

“I AM UGLY.” begins with Rachel applying make-up in the mirror, insulting what she believes to be her flaws. “My dark circles are too dark, my lips are so small,” she complains. “My nose is so big, my eyebrows are so bushy.”

But Rachel’s self-bullying comes to a halt when the reflection in the mirror is no longer her own – in present-day, at least. Instead, she’s greeted by a little girl: it’s Rachel when she was younger.

“What else is wrong with you?” little-Rachel continues. “What do you think about my hairy arms?”

Rachel back-pedals, insisting that “there’s nothing wrong with you!” But the little girl has already been insulted, there’s no taking back her harsh words now.

Rachel’s video may be heartbreaking, but it ends on a hopeful note. Instead of feeling bad about herself, the little girl questions Rachel and her inner critic, reminding us, and Rachel, of the true harm self-bullying can cause, and how untrue our insecurities really are.

Thank you, Rachel, for reminding us to be nice to ourselves. It’s something we can’t hear enough of!

To watch the full video, click here:

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