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YSBnow Real Talk: Aerie is Awesome


YSBnow Real Talk: Aerie is Awesome

Aerie is our new favorite store – and here’s why we’re celebrating the body positive brand.

1. They don’t Photoshop their advertisements.

Last year, the brand made the awesome decision to abandon the computer program, which is used to make body parts smaller (and as a result, totally disproportionate). It’s also a frequent tool for removing distinctive features like freckles and beauty marks.

2. They know that women cannot defined by numbers.

Victoria’s Secret models stand at least 5’9 and their body measurements must fall within 34-24-34 inches. (FYI, that’s bust, waist and hips, and a 24-inch waist is a size zero. Eek!)

But we are so much more than a number on a scale or clothing tag. And Aerie knows that – they don’t have size requirements, and more importantly, they select models who are actually role models, which brings us to our next point…

3. Their most popular model, Iskra Lawrence (pictured), is EVERYTHING! 

Before she started modeling as a teen, Iskra was a swimmer. “I felt that sports did help me to realize that my body was more than what it just looked like,” she told Business Insider. “And if I didn’t eat, then I couldn’t swim fast.” When she started modeling, she couldn’t believe how much brands would Photoshop her body. “You look at these images and you think they’re beautiful, but you can’t relate to them – and it was me,” she continued. “I couldn’t relate to it – let alone any other girl.”

Check out the photo she posted to Instagram to promote an upcoming meet and greet in Wisconsin.



Watch Iskra talk about body image and why she’ll never stop fighting for body positivity in this inspiring interview.

Iskra also has a super fun YouTube channel full of inspiring and relatable videos. Check out her easy banana bread tutorial! Yum!

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