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#YSBnowBeauty411: Ulta Releases 2016 Holiday Gift Kits!


#YSBnowBeauty411: Ulta Releases 2016 Holiday Gift Kits!

Check out the newest gift guide at Ulta and start your beauty wish list!

I don’t know about you guys, but one of my favorite parts of the holiday season is when all the little beauty and makeup sets come out! This is when beauty brands pair together different products for kits or just have a limited time set of minis! These pretty little things make great gifts for friends and family members but don’t be afraid to treat yourself too, you deserve it!

Ulta just released 22 kits in their new gift guide for this year and here are the coolest 10.

1. 12 Days of Beauty

This one’s got it all, literally.

What’s in this set?

1 liquid highlighter

1 dazzling lip gloss

1 tinted lip balm

1 brow pencil

1 gold glitter mascara

1 lip gloss stain

1 inner rim eyeliner

1 bouncy blush

1 foil rock eyeshadow

1 gel bounce eyeshadow

1 oil-free eye makeup remover

1 temporary tattoo sheet


2. Lip Glossary

You’ll have a lip color to go with every outfit for the whole year!

What’s in this set

5 matte lip creams

5 shimmer lip glosses

5 high shine lip glosses


3. Joy to the Girl

What’s in this set?

3 palettes (Romantic, Smolder and Natural Matte) including one cheek color and one lip gloss.


4. Matchmaker

Who doesn’t want their lips and nails to match?!

What’s in this set?

3 combos of lip gloss and nail polish. Bold Berry, Pearly Pink and Golden Glow.


5. #Lashtag Gorgeous

Can’t decide which mascara to try next? Try them all!

What’s in this set?

Physician’s Formula Argan Wear Oil Mascara

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara Black

Ulta Plush Drama Mascara

NYX Cosmetics Proof It! Waterproof Mascara Top Coat

Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara


6. 4 Piece Nail Set

This actually comes in 3 different options. This particular one is ‘Merry & Bright.’

What colors are in this set?


Sugar Cookie

Plum Pudding



7. Coconut Cream Tumbler Gift Set

The perfect gift combo ever!

What’s in this set?

Coconut cream body lotion

Coconut cream body wash

Cream shower puff

Tumbler cup


8. Sugared Vanilla Mason Jar Gift Set

Ulta just keeps killing the beauty/drinkware combos, right?!

What’s in this set?

Mason Jar

Sugared vanilla body wash

Sugared vanilla body lotion

Cream Pouf


9. Mango Crush and Berry Blast 3 in 1 Smoothie Gift Set

The packaging is enough to make me want this hoenstly.

What’s in this set?

Mango crush 3 in 1 smoothie

Berry blast 3 in 1 smoothie

Mango crush macaroon fizzer

Berry blast macaroon fizzer

Hot pink shower pouf


10. Macaroon Bake Shop Bath Fizzers

A hint of Paris for those ‘treat yourself,’ spa nights in your bath tub!

What’s in this set?

2 mango crush bath fizzers

1 berry blast bath fizzer

1 marshmallow fluff bath fizzer

1 candy cane swirl bath fizzer


Let us know which gift set is going on your wish list!

Tweet us @ysbnow with #YSBnowBeauty.

As always, stay fab #YSBnowFam

xo, Brooke.


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