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10 of Our Favorite Punk Rock Collabs


10 of Our Favorite Punk Rock Collabs

We LOVE seeing our favorites slay together! Check out our favorites!

by Shannon Roberts

What’s better than our favorite bands slaying? Our favorite bands slaying TOGETHER! These artists live in a drama-free zone where egos and bad attitudes are left at the door. They focus on the important things in life: Playing their music and living life to the fullest. 

Whether they’re making a video or on tour together, their balance of chemistry and talent is on point and they never cease to amaze us. Here are some of our favorites!

Now this is what we call a super group!

Watching this group save rock and roll is Irresistible!

There’s room for more than one tenor in this song!

Andy and Juliet support each other even at The End Of The World.

These bands performing together is our kind of Love Story

Between the fake beards and bright hair, we’re Viciously Loving this collab.

They make great partners in crime, but pair even better musically!

These guys don’t have trouble saying “Congratulations!”

We don’t get Jet Lagged listening to Simple Plan and Natasha Bedingfield.

There’s more love than war when Vic jumps in the song! Literally!

What are YOUR favorite punk-rock collabs? Tweet us and let us know!

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