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#YSBnowCasting: See Our Top 6 Picks For The “That’s So Raven” Reboot!


#YSBnowCasting: See Our Top 6 Picks For The “That’s So Raven” Reboot!

Our brains have been in overdrive since Disney Channel announced the spinoff series

That’s So Raven was one of the most groundbreaking children’s shows in history. During its 100 episode run, the series shattered ratings records, garnered dozens of awards, and its merch raked in over a billion dollars!

But more important than the numbers is that the series starred a diverse cast, particularly the incomparable Raven Symone.  Both on the series and IRL, Raven inspired millions of fans all over the world, showing us that if we worked hard, followed our dreams, and stayed true to ourselves, we could achieve whatever we wanted in life, regardless of our skin color or clothing size.

So when Disney Channel announced a That’s So Raven reboot, we couldn’t be more thrilled that the same messages would be shared with a whole new generation. No details have been provided regarding the plot or characters, but we’ve decided to put together our dream cast! 

1. RAVEN BAXTER – originally played by Raven Symone

Kyla Who? Kyla Drew! Raven and Kyla share a hometown (Atlanta) and a spunk we can’t get enough of:

2. CHELSEA DANIELS – originally played by Anneliese van der Pol

Lilimar’s got the quirky personality to rock this role!

3. CORY BAXTER – originally played by Kyle Massey

We think Sage Correa, who voiced Pig Pen in “Peanuts,” would be the perfect Cory!

4. EDDIE THOMAS – originally played by Orlando Brown

We’d love to see Jaheem Toombs take on the role of Raven’s boy BFF:

5. SEÑORITA RODRIGUEZ – originally played by Rose Abdoo

Now that “Liv & Maddie” is wrapped, Jessica Marie Garcia should totally sign on to play the most iconic Spanish teacher of all time:

6. DEVON CARTER – originally played by Jonathan “Lil’ J” McDaniel

He may be too busy with the Bomb Digz, but we could seriously see Devin as Raven’s crush, Devon!

What do you think? Tweet us @ysbnow or leave a comment below!

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