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#YSBnowDIY: Cut-Out Choker Graphic Tees!


#YSBnowDIY: Cut-Out Choker Graphic Tees!

The best kind of fun is cutting up your dad’s old shirt to make a fashion statement!

Hello beautiful people, Brooke here and I’m back with another awesome DIY for you to try out!

Everyone is a fan of chokers right? As well as comfy t-shirts…so why not combine the two?!

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Jordyn Jones and Australian actress, Sarah Ellen are rocking them (see below for their pics,) so why not try it for yourself?

Start off by finding a graphic t-shirt, such as a band tee or mine is straight vintage from my dad’s closet.

You can also go with a solid tee if you prefer!


Get some scissors, a ruler and some kind of marker that will show up on your shirt.

Step 1: Mark It Up!

Mark your tee where you want to cut it. I marked the shoulder points where the sleeves’ seams and the neckline meet, then the middle of the chest (however far down you would like it to be.)

For the end of the v-neck, I suggest putting the shirt on and marking it that way!

Then, follow a straight edge to connect the dots and make a dotted line to cut!

Step 3: Cut, Cut, Cut!

This step is simple, just cut along the dotted line!

Be extra careful cutting along the neckline.

Step 4: Rock It!

I love this tee because I get to wear cute bralettes underneath and it looks super edgy with leather leggings and booties!

These tees are kind of hard to find in stores but here are some you can buy!

Here are how celebs style this new favorite trend!

Tweet us pics @ysbnow if you try this DIY out & we’ll retweet our faves!

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