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9 Of Wizards Of Waverly Place’s Most Iconic Guest Stars


9 Of Wizards Of Waverly Place’s Most Iconic Guest Stars

The show is nearly a decade old today!

Today marks 9 years of Wizards Of Waverly Place! Can you believe it? Even though the Disney Channel series premiered back on October 12, 2007, it’s been a special part of our lives ever since. 

To celebrate its anniversary, here are nine of the sitcom’s unforgettable guest stars.

1. Chelsea Staub Kane appeared as Kari Landsdorf, Justin Russo’s love interest, in “The Supernatural.”

Her character exclusively dates baseball players and only watches movies with cats in them.

2. Bella Thorne played Nancy Lukey, Max Russo’s first romance in “Max’s Secret Girlfriend.”

Max tells her that the Russo’s are wizards, but she doesn’t believe him.

3. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appeared as himself in “Art Teacher.”

When Max pretends to have a fake disease, “monorangosus,” Dwayne visits him out of sympathy.

4. Lucy Hale played Miranda Hampson, Justin’s girlfriend in “First Kiss” and “Pop Me and We Both Go Down.”

She likes the color black, hates Corporate America and despises “cool” guys.

5. Austin Butler appeared as George in “Positive Alex.”

He conducts the school band and compels Alex Russo to use a spell on herself to make her more cheerful.

6. David Copperfield played himself in “Harperella.”

In the episode, David appears out of a magic trick book and impresses Alex Russo’s BFF Harper with his illusions.

7. Wilmer Valderrama appeared in as Ernesto Larkin, Alex, Justin and Max’s uncle, in “Uncle Ernesto.”

His character does not know that the Russo’s have magical powers.

8. Octavia Spencer played Dr. Evilini, an evil Wizard and former professor at Wiz Tech, in “Wizard School.”

Her character planned to take the winner of the Twelve Balls competition to a volcano so she could steal their powers for her own.

9. Shakira appeared as Alex, Justin and Max’s Uncle Kelbo in “Dude Looks Like Shakira.”

In the episode, the Russos find out that Shakira is actually their uncle, who has been abusing one of the Main Eleven Wizards Rules. Kelbo can no longer control when he transforms into her.

Happy #9YearsOfWizardsOfWaverlyPlace!

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