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#YSBnowInvestigates: Is R5 Over?


#YSBnowInvestigates: Is R5 Over?

Here’s what we know…

If you’re in the #R5Family, you’ll probably agree that it’s been a crazy 24 hours.

First, they posted this picture, which seemed to signal goodbye.

It was an odd choice, because their last concert date was over a month ago. Just hours ago, they deleted that photo, along with every single other post!

And posted this:

Here’s what we know.

1. Last month, every single piece of R5 merch was drastically reduced in a closeout sale.

This worried many fans:

2. R5 is still listed on Hollywood Records’ official website. Typically, when an act disbands or is no longer signed to a label, they get removed immediately.

3. With the critical success of “My Friend Dahmer,” many fans thought Ross might take an extended break in order to pursue more acting roles. But no upcoming projects have been announced or added to IMDB.

And we all know that music will always be his #1 passion.

4. BUT – Rydel has a new clothing line:

5. And Riker’s scored his own talk show:

6. And they all removed R5 from their social media handles.

Based on the above, here’s what we think. [Keep in mind that we haven’t seen the band in several months, so the following is pure conjecture.]

When they first formed in 2009, they were in their teens. And with Ross’ roles in “Austin & Ally” and “Teen Beach Movie,” R5 became known as a Disney family band.

But even back then, they were seasoned musicians and prolific producers and songwriters.

And now, their youngest member is 22 years old.

So no, we do not think R5 is breaking up. They’re simply growing up.

And we predict that tomorrow’s news will not be the end of R5, but the rebirth of the band we’ve grown up with through the years. And we are so ready for it.

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