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#YSBnowScope: See What This Week Holds In Store For You!


#YSBnowScope: See What This Week Holds In Store For You!

And a very happy birthday to actor/singer and Chump Change frontman, Noah Urrea, who turns 16 on Friday

Happy Birthday, Noah!

Aries – 3/21-4/19

Noah Urrea: 3/31

You’ve been searching for your place and it’s time to take action!  Diplomacy will be needed this week when dealing with anyone who can influence your reputation, position or your future.  Be open to constructive criticism, but make a point to push hard in the areas where you know you excell!  Don’t give up and don’t give in!  Your lucky day this week is Tuesday!

Taurus – 4/20-5/20

Gigi Hadid: April 23

This week, a positive attitude will be needed.  You’re gonna have to be chill when dealing with somebody who has a way of getting under your skin!  Don’t let emotions bring you down or slow your productivity.  Blast right through it and get right back on top.  Your lucky day ths week is Friday.

Gemini – 5/21-6/21

Troye Sivan: June 5

You’ve been looking for your niche.  It’s time for you to be a self-starter, a participant and a helper.  Call on past experiences and really think about what you love to do.  Discipline and hard work will be super rewarding.  Your lucky day this week is Friday. 

Cancer – 6/22-7/22

Ariana Grande: June 26

This week, you may get in over your head.  Be careful not to oversell or offer something that you aren’t capable of delivering. Stay honest and real.  Keep your balance and you will come out in the best possible way!  Your lucky day this week is Wednesday.

Leo – 7/23-8/22

Olivia Holt: August 5


Yikes!  This week you may be tempted to get into a situation that could cost you a friendship.  Don’t let impulsiveness take over, causing you to act outside your character!  Take a moment to really think about things and make sure you’re making wise decisions.  You know what to do & it will all turn out fine! Your lucky day this week is Monday.

Virgo – 8/23-9/22

Kelsea Ballerini: September 12

Oooh, this is gonna be such a great week!  Trust in what you know and what you can do. Refuse to let anyone rain on your parade or throw you off guard. Embrace life and aim to excel in a school sport or academic club.  Hold on tight and shoot for the stars. Your lucky day this week is Thursday.

Libra – 9/23-10/22

Kira Kosarin: October 7

Are you looking for changes to happen at home?  You can bring on some great change when you partner with your family.  Work on compormise and relationships.  The more interest you show in their ideas, the more interest they will show in yours.  Present solutions to problems & be willing to listen to good advice.  Your lucky day this week is Tuesday!

Scorpio – 10/23-11/21

Daya: October 24

Sign up for something that captures your attention and your just might meet a major crush!  You may need to get out of your comfort zone for this, but it will be sooo worth it!!  Plus, the experience & skills you gain will be awesome!  Personal improvements and heart-shaped balloons are headed your way!  Your lucky day this week is Wednesday.

Sagittarius – 11/22-12/21

Dolan Twins: December 16

Do you know that no matter how old you are, you can be a mentor?  Yes, well, there is someone who’s been watching and they really admire you!  Keep your eyes open and do what you can to help others. Work alongside someone instead of taking it all on yourself. The greatest satisfaction can come from shared success. Your lucky day this week is Tuesday.

Capricorn – 12/22-1/19

Karan Brar – 1/18

Remain calm no matter what happens today.  Someone will test your patience, and temptation may lead to situations that could be um… not so good.  Bring along your BFF and she will help you see things clearly.  Your lucky day this week is Sunday.

Aquarius – 1/20-2/18

Alex Aiono – February 16

Has your head been stuck up in the clouds lately?  Well, it’s time to stop thinking about all the things you have to accomplish and just start doing them. Taking action will bring the results you are looking for and should encourage you to take on new projects that inspire you to do even more.  Your lucky day this week is Sunday.

Pisces – 2/19-3/20

Jordyn Jones: March 13

It’s important to feel comfortable and at ease in your surroundings if you want to accomplish your goals. You know where your creative spot is so get there!  Use your imagination and that will influence others to join in your vision!  Your lucky day this week is Thursday!

It’s time for a Spring awakening!  Make a plan this week for how your will renew and revive your life.  Whether it’s a plan for a healthier lifestyle, or a plan to improve relationships, be thinking about fresh new beginings and the beauty of life because…


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