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YSBnowScope: See What’s In Store For You This Week


YSBnowScope: See What’s In Store For You This Week

And Happy Birthday to Karan Brar, who turns 18 tomorrow!

Capricorn – 12/22-1/19

Celeb Cap – Karan Brar – 1/18

Learn from your experiences and you will discover new and better ways to solve any dilemmas you face this year. Master your skills and use them in a unique and different way and you’ll open up a window of opportunity that will help you set the stage for future goals. Your lucky day this week is Wednesday.

Aquarius – 1/20-2/18

Celeb Aquarius – Johnny Orlando: January 24

Aiming for a lifestyle that eases your stress and encourages a better relationship with the people you love should be your goal. What this means is that you may need to simplify.  Shake off the dust of everything holding you down and get ready to feel more free than you ever have before!  Your lucky day this week is Thursday.

Pisces – 2/19-3/20

Celeb Pisces – Jordyn Jones: March 19

A school assignment or project may stress you out this week.  Trust in your ability to get things done and don’t be afraid to set up a study group for support.  Everthing will be fine as long as you recognize your limitations and reach out for help when you need it.  Oh and by the way… a crush is headed your way.  Your lucky day this week is Sunday!

Aries – 3/21-4/19

Celeb Aries – Sofia Carson: April 10

Have you been putting something off?  Well, it may catch up with you soon if you don’t buckle down and take care of it.  The amount of relief you will feel, once you’ve handled it, will be one of the best feelings ever.  Don’t delay another moment, a great accomplishment is right around the corner.  Your lucky day this week is Monday,

Taurus – 4/20-5/20

Celeb Taurus – Gigi Hadid: April 23

Stay on top of your goals. Look for interesting new ways to apply your skills and knowledge. A chance to develop a new way to get things done more quickly will make a lasting impression on someone who counts.  This may catch the attention of someone you’ve been crushing on from afar, so be sure to pay attention!  Your lucky day ths week is Thursday.

Gemini – 5/21-6/21

Celeb Gem – Troye Sivan: June 5

 Time to be strong!  If someone is too demanding or unreasonable, walk away. Protect your emotional well-being. Make changes based on past experiences and facts, not what someone else wants you to do.  A great week will come from this & you’ll be smiling from ear to ear!  Your lucky day this week is Sunday. 

Cancer – 6/22-7/22

Celeb Can – Ariana Grande: June 26

A big project is coming your way!  Gathering information and taking a disciplined approach will pay off.  Make sure to take advice from your parents this week.  Sometimes it’s easy to just brush it off, but it will really be a benefit this week.  Afterwards, make sure you tell them how helpful the advice was, and you will bring the most positive energy into the life of your family!  Good stuff!  Your lucky day this week is Tuesday.

Leo – 7/23-8/22

Celeb Leo – Olivia Holt: August 5


Changes in your surroundings or peer group this week will turn out well.  It will allow an opportunity for you to make personal changes that you’ve been putting off.  Look for a unique way to present what you want and you will succeed.  Oh and you’re also going to smash that test!  Your lucky day this week is Friday.

Virgo – 8/23-9/22

Celeb Virgo – Kelsea Ballerini: September 12

You’ll be working with a team or club this week and you need to remember to set ground rules. Discuss who is responsible for what before you commit to a plan. Joint ventures will only work if you are up front and strive for equality. This is going to be hugely successful, so go get it!!  Your lucky day this week is Saturday.

Libra – 9/23-10/22

Celeb Libra – Kira Kosarin: October 7

It’s time to stop flying under the radar.  You have a lot to offer and you should be out there!  Put greater emphasis on how you present who you are and what you have to offer. It will make a difference and draw interest from someone whose help you need in order to get ahead.  You’ve got this!  Your lucky day this week is Tuesday!

Scorpio – 10/23-11/21

Celeb Scorpio – Daya: October 24

Sharing emotional moments with someone you care about, either a close friend or maybe a sibling, will encourage you to make an important decision.  Also, show a little discipline when it comes to school-related matters and you will impress someone who can help you advance. Fun accomplisments are just around the corner!  Your lucky day this week is Friday.

Sagittarius – 11/22-12/21

Celeb Sags – Dolan Twins: December 16

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  If you need to make changes to your routine or even let go of some unfulfilling committments, then do it and turn your attention to things that feed your spirit and bring you happiness.  There are really exciting things in your future, but you need to make the changes first.  Get started this week and start living your joy!  Your lucky day this week is Wednesday.

Make an impact this week, not just on others, but on yourself!  Surprise yourself by doing something new and extraordinary!  Be who you are, be your amazing self and remember that…


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