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Zendaya Collaborated On a New Clothing Collection


Zendaya Collaborated On a New Clothing Collection

The actress’ picks for are so stylish – and affordable!

You know that we are here for Zendaya and her fierce fashion sense. And now, she wants to help us all shop her incredible wardrobe. The actress has teamed up with the fashion website to create her own 90s-inspired capsule collection. Zendaya has picked out 50 stylish and affordable pieces from the brand’s Spring 2018 line, and will be dropping everything online starting on March 21. 

The best part of the whole story is that everything in the collection ranges in price from about $10-$100. That means we can re-vamp our closet with tons of new pieces – like crop tops, retro-inspired denim, fun jumpsuits, slogan tees, and more – without breaking the bank.

“I know my fans, and I know what’s important to them,” the actress said about her partnership in a statement. “They are chic, fashion-forward and love clothes, but like most people, wanna be able to ball on a budget. So I felt this was a perfect fit, to help them choose some easy pieces that aren’t just ‘trendy’ but also attainable.”

We really appreciate that Zendaya is out here looking after us like this: she’s taking the guess-work out of superstar styling, and making everything allowance-friendly.

“We’re in the era of fast fashion, and young people like myself want fashionable clothes, and we want them quickly. [Boohoo] does a really great job of keeping up with the times… and they’re able to deliver at a price point that’s realistic for a lot of people,” Zendaya told PopSugar in a new interview.

“[The brand] has great pieces that you can make your own and either dress up or dress down,” she added, sharing some styling tips. “You could just buy a simple dress to start with and wear it with either sneakers or heels. So, Boohoo is sort of like multipurpose fashion, which I think is important, especially when you’re ballin’ on a budget.”

Yes! We can’t wait to see everything in the collection when it officially drops next week.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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