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10 Celebrity Halloween Costumes You Can Recreate This Year


10 Celebrity Halloween Costumes You Can Recreate This Year

Not sure what to be? You’ll definitely want to steal one of these ideas!

It’s that time of the year again! Why does it always seem like we figure out the PERFECT Halloween costume sometimes in February or March and then forget it by the time October comes around? If your mind is drawing a total blank and you don’t want to wait and stress on October 30th trying to choose what to be, let us help you!

There’s nothing worse than scrounging through your closet for a pair of black tights and some eyeliner to draw on whiskers for your totally last minute costume, so these celeb costumes from previous years will totally help you plan ahead. 


1. Normani’s costume could easily be recreated! Check out your closest Halloween costume store!

2. Sabrina Carpenter looked AMAZING in this Game of Thrones costume

3. Camila Cabello looked like the perfect princess Jasmine in this costume! You’ll definitely find one of these in a costume store.

4. How could anyone forget about these EPIC (and super easy DIY) costumes?!

5. Scream Queens star Keke Palmer really got into the part as Aaliyah for Halloween last year. This video is SO COOL.

6. Ross Lynch and Courtney Eaton’s Romeo and Juliet costumes are super easy to recreate at home! You can even do it on your own without being in a couple!

7. You could even create your own Thundermans costume by grabbing some blue leggings, blue shorts, black boots, and creating your own Thundermans cape!

8. Or you could go cute and simple like Ashley Benson with a cute top and some fake blood – don’t forget the black lipstick!

9. But if you want to get more into it, Ashley’s co-star Shay Mitchell went all out with this awesome Star Wars costume!

10. Last but certainly not least, the greatest Halloween costume we’ve ever seen is Chloe Lukasiak as Cruella De Ville

What are you going to be?! We can’t wait to hear!

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