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10 Iconic DCOM Music Videos You Forgot About

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10 Iconic DCOM Music Videos You Forgot About

Is there anything more iconic than a Disney Channel original movie? Nothing comes to mind, TBH. Demi Lovato got her big break starring alongside the Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock. Milo Manheim landed a spot on Dancing With The Stars after his debut in Zombies.

Love for DCOMs spans generations, from 90’s kids loving Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century to Gen Z’s obsession with Descendants. That’s why one of our favorite ways to celebrate a good ol’ Throwback Thursday is to watch some of the most unforgettable music videos from the DCOMs we love.

However, we’re always hearing about the classics like “All In This Together” from High School Musical or “This Is Me” from Cap Rock, but there are so many underrated DCOM songs. Here are ten you might have forgotten about!

1. “Too Cool” – Camp Rock

2. “I Want It All” – High School Musical 3

3. “Too Much” – Zapped

4. “Zoom Zoom Zoom” – Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

5. “Cruisin’ For A Bruisin'” – Teen Beach Movie

6. “Me and You” – Let It Shine

7. “Determinate” – Lemonade Mouth

8. “Something Real” – How To Build a Better Boy


9. “One And The Same” – Princess Protection Program

10. “Falling For Ya” – Teen Beach Movie 2


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