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5 Things We Want To See on “The Hype Life”


5 Things We Want To See on “The Hype Life”

It’s official! The Hype House is getting their own TV show and it’s coming sooner than you think. Deadline reports that Wheelhouse Entertainment will produce the series and “The Hype Life” is just part of a larger partnership with the group to produce more content. That’s right, that means there might be even more Hype House content to look forward to soon.

We’re still not sure when the show will premiere, but that hasn’t stopped us from getting excited about what we might see on the series.

Here are 5 things we want to see on “The Hype Life” when it airs:

1. An even closer look into their lives

We see a ton of content from the group’s social media accounts, but this series will give them the opportunity to show us a more intimate look into their lives in a longer format. Instead of rehearsed dances and video trends, we’ll be getting more in-house conversations and real moments.

2. Daily routines

We’re hoping to get a better idea of what a day living at The Hype House would be like! What time do they wake up? Who makes breakfast? This is the content we wanna see!

3. Surprise guests

While the show is centered around the actual Hype House, Deadline reports that Nikita Dragun will appear on the show too. Since Nikita doesn’t live at the house but will still appear on the show, this means we could be seeing a bunch of familiar faces that might not live at the house. Who would you want to see on the show?

4. New members

Deadline reports that the series will “look at their creative endeavors for brands to drama-inducing house meetings and the initiation of new members.” Hopefully that means we’ll see the process of adding new members and what it’s like for everyone when someone new joins the house.

5. Real moments

Becoming famous practically overnight is not normal. It might look like all fun and games in the content they post to social media, but there’s a ton that goes down behind the scenes when it comes to creating a brand as successful as The Hype House. We want to see the group open up about the real side of their TikTok fame and it looks like we’ll get our wish. Deadline says the series will look “at the housemates’ backstories, looking at the sometimes difficult and troubling events that propelled them to TikTok and the bonds they’ve formed with one another.”

What do you want to see on the show?

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