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10 Jacob Sartorius Tweets That Made Us Smile


10 Jacob Sartorius Tweets That Made Us Smile

Jacob is always reminding fans how special they are.

Jacob Sartorius is always making his fans feel special on social media and that’s one of the reasons we love to stay connected on Twitter, Instagram, and 

It’s so special that every day Jacob can interract with fans and remind them of important things like how important they are to him.

Here are 10 of Jacob’s best tweets:

1. When he wanted you to know that you matter.

2. When he reminded us to always eat our fruits and veggies!

3. He promises to make all his fans proud.

4. When he took a stand against bullying.

5. We’re thankful for Mama Sartorius too!

6. Could this tweet be any more relatable?

7. Now we know Jacob’s favorite breakfast food!

8. When he was so right about us all finding someone amazing.

9. When he proved how grateful he is.

10. Finally, when he promised more new music! We can’t wait!

Did we miss any amazing Jacob tweets? Let us know @YSBnow!

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