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Kira Kosarin Shuts Down Instagram Haters In One Brilliant Post


Kira Kosarin Shuts Down Instagram Haters In One Brilliant Post

“Leave it to social media to make us uncomfortable with our bodies for no reason.”

Kira Kosarin continues to be a glimmer of hope in the very scary world of social media. Apps like Instagram and Twitter are SO AWESOME when it comes to connecting to friends, family, and celebs, (and for moments like this when we get some extra wisdom laid on us), but there is so much about social media that just hurts us. 

The amount of bullying and hate on social media, for celebs and for everyone else, is unacceptable. So when Kira Kosarin posted a photo of herself where she was feeling proud of her body and herself only to see negative comments about her legs, she took a stand. 

Kira is no stranger to speaking her mind and setting things right, but this was one of our favorite times. Check out her post below. 

YES KIRA. First of all, you look AMAZING in that photo and it’s so awesome to see you happy and enjoying your life. Secondly, thank you so much for having the strength to address these comments and explain why they’re wrong. So few people do that.

Watch our exclusive with Kira from last year where she talks about the negative aspects of social media, much like she did in her powerful tweet.

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