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Dave Rygalski: Best Boy in the Hollow


Dave Rygalski: Best Boy in the Hollow

Jess? Dean? Logan? Forget those guys. Here are ten reasons why Dave Rygalski is the best.

With the Gilmore Girls reboot premiering in November, we’re getting excited to see some familiar faces back in our favorite small town. But it seems like everyone is having the same argument of which Gilmore guy was their favorite….without any mention of the best boy in the Hollow. Here’s why we think Dave was better than any of those other guys.

10. Dave never really left. He may have changed his name, upgraded school districts and got a whoooole lot richer, but the O.C. should be viewed for what it really is: Dave Rygalski’s very successful spin-off show.

9. Has his life and priorities in order. He’s the leader of a band, dresses sharp, flosses and “never plays video games in case they do, someday, prove that playing them can turn you into a serial killer.”

8. Isn’t it so super cute that an obviously Jewish Dave Rygalski would pretend to be a goy to win Lane’s heart?

7. He owns his nerdiness. Like he’s basically a boy Lane but a little more secure. That’s fair, right?

6. Shares this weird quirk with real life Alexis Bledel. Perhaps the only person more perfect than Rory herself, Bledel hates coffee and would drink flat cola when she was on set at Luke’s.

5. Not only did Dave play five straight hours of hymns at the Kim’s Thanksgiving party but he also ate platefuls of eggless egg salad sandwiches.

4. Dave’s got the Stars Hollow wit down. Zack Van Gerbig, who Lane settles for post-Dave, has about as much wit as Logan (blargh).

Yes, Zack’s kinda cute, but he comes off as a dumb rocker, hardly the type of boy you would ‘ship with witty, smart Lane.

3. He never let logistics get in the way of Lane staying in the band.

2. Remember that time he read the bible cover to cover to look for a quote that Lane’s mom had mentioned? He read it COVER TO COVER in one night something Mrs. Kim says she’s only done three times…

1. Appreciates Lane’s sense of music history / knowledge. Lane as a character is defined by her passion and knowledge when it comes to music and she needs someone who is going to appreciate that.

by Hannah and Josh Kramer

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