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5 Ways To Practice Self Care Like Sabrina Carpenter


5 Ways To Practice Self Care Like Sabrina Carpenter

Self care has never been as important as it is right now. Whether you’re still in quarantine or getting back into a normal routine, taking care of yourself is crucial. Celebs and influencers are always talking about self care and you see the cute IG stickers on everyone’s stories, but what does practicing self care actually look like? Well, the answer is, it’s whatever you want it to be!

The most important part of practicing self care is that it’s personal to you. If you like playing guitar or reading, then taking the time for yourself to do those things is self care.

For a lot of us, we aren’t sure how to start. Don’t worry – YSBnow and Sabrina Carpenter have you covered! Here are five ways you can practice self care inspired by Sabrina Carpenter.

1. Dance to your favorite song.

Whether you’re always bumping a Sabrina playlist or you just found a new artist you can’t get out of your head, turn the music up and get your groove on!

2. Cuddle with your pet!

If you’ve got a furry friend at home, catch some cuddles and wind down with your adorable BFF.

3. Catch some sun!

Sunlight is a proven mood booster, so whether you’re getting your tan on in a swimsuit or just sitting outside in the sun for a while, try to get outside!

4. Treat yourself to a sweet treat.

Sabrina loves Hi-Chews! Whatever your fave candy or dessert might be, treat yourself!

5. Do an at-home spa day.

Washing your face every day is super important, but try making your skincare routine longer today with an exfoliant treatment or a face mask! You’ll be taking care of your skin and your soul!

Bonus Tip: HYDRATE!

On tour and at home, Sabrina knows how important hydration is for your body and your mind. If you’re reading this, drink a glass of water right now.

What’s your favorite act of self care? We want to hear from you!

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