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Why Sabrina Carpenter’s “Skinny Dipping” Is The Beginning of a New Era


Why Sabrina Carpenter’s “Skinny Dipping” Is The Beginning of a New Era


Sabrina Carpenter’s new single and music video “Skinny Dipping” has fans speculating that this release has a bigger meaning. If you’ve followed Sabrina’s career since the beginning, you know she’s pretty much always got something up her sleeve and making her fans happy is just as important to her as anything else. She does everything at 110% and she knows her brilliant fans are always searching for clues and hidden meanings in everything.

After a chaotic year of rumors, speculation, and time to reflect, “Skinny Dipping” seems to symbolize more than just shedding your clothes and jumping in – or maybe it’s just that after all. The vulnerability in Sabrina’s art and with her fans is why she has the loyal supporters (or maybe I should just call them friends at this point) that have been on the journey the entire way.

So what does “Skinny Dipping” really mean to her? Don’t take it from me, the real detectives are you guys, the fans, so here are some of the most insightful tweets I found about the new release.

This thread is full of genius finds from the video:


If it were up to me, stans would work for the FBI. Make sure to follow these brilliant Sabrina stans on Twitter and let us know what you think about Sabrina’s new music.

Watch the “Skinny Dipping” music video now:



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