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7 Reasons Why Froy Gutierrez Is Our #MCM


7 Reasons Why Froy Gutierrez Is Our #MCM

Please forgive us while we swoon.

Is it just us, or is Froy Gutierrez *everywhere* right now? And no, we’re not even slightly complaining about it. His latest movie, “A Cowgirl’s Story,” just hit Netflix (and you best be watching it ASAP!) Plus, you can’t miss catching his character Nolan on MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” because it is honestly our favorite role for him.

This Monday, we’re showing our love for the adorable actor by rounding up just a few of our favorite reasons why mega-cutie Froy is our #MCM.

1. Froy can turn any of his TV or film roles into hilarious memes.

2. He also blesses us with the BEST behind-the-scenes pics from the projects he’s working on. Ultimate hype man!

3. He doesn’t just act! He makes music too!

4. Froy is super close to his family, and honestly his pics with his little siblings make our hearts MELT.

5. He likes playing Pokemon in airports, and we felt that is enough of a reason on its own to love him.

6. Froy posts interactions like these to prove he understands the Fan Life.

7. And most importantly of all, he doesn’t seem to realize how cute he is, which makes him THAT MUCH CUTER.

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