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Jenna Ortega Announces Her New Film Role In “Saving Flora”


Jenna Ortega Announces Her New Film Role In “Saving Flora”

So THAT’s why the actress has been hanging out with elephants lately!

If you’ve ever dreamed of joining the circus JUST to hang out with the performers, chances are you’re going to love the idea of Jenna Ortega’s new movie. The actress, who you may know best from her TV projects like “Stuck in the Middle,” “Elena of Avalor,” and “Jane the Virgin,” just announced that she is going to be part of the upcoming film, “Saving Flora.”

According to an IMDb description, “Flora is a circus elephant who can no longer perform her tricks. The night before she’s scheduled to be euthanized, the circus owner’s 14-year old daughter, Dawn, sneaks Flora from the circus.” That’s where Jenna comes in to try and save the day!

“New adventures ???? #SavingFlora,” Jenna captioned her official announcement on Instagram.

Now that we have some context for some of her latest animal pics on Instagram, it seems like she’s already having a blast with her elephant co-stars.

“Just your average Monday ???? #savingflora,” Jenna captioned another pic where she’s getting picked up by this cutie.

Jenna also posted some fun Snapchat and Instagram story snaps taken during her first day on set.

It looks like she’s going to get to wear some glittery costumes and dramatic performance makeup for this role!

We can’t wait to see more from this project!

To catch up with Jenna’s latest, make sure to check out our most recent interview with her below.

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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