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9 “That’s So Raven” Characters We Want To See On “Raven’s Home”


9 “That’s So Raven” Characters We Want To See On “Raven’s Home”

Bring back the Boyz N Motion!

That’s So Raven, the legendary Disney Channel series that ended in 2007, is back on television!

While the reboot, Raven’s Home, features some awesome fresh additions to the family like Issac Ryan Brown as Booker, Navia Ziraili Robinson as Nia, Jason Maybaum as Levi and Sky Katz as Tess, it also reuintes us with some of our faves from the original show like Raven Symone as Raven Baxter, Anneliese van der Pol as Chelsea Daniels and Jonathan McDaniel as Devon Carter.

We cannot wait to see what the first season of the new series has in store, but we hope it includes at least some of these 9 classic characters…

1. Cory Baxter

One of the things that made “That’s So Raven” so special was Ray’s special bond with Cory, her little brother (played by Kyle Massey.) We sure would enjoy seeing them back together!

2. Victor Baxter

Raven’s dad (played by Rondell Jerome Sheridan) was a huge part of “That So Raven” and its spinoff “Cory in the House.” We hope to see him reprise his role as a chef, restaurant owner – shout out to The Chill Grill! – and grandpa.

3. Tanya Baxter

We’ve been wanting to catch up with Raven’s mom (played by T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh) ever since her character left “That’s So Raven” to pursue a law degree in England during Season 3 of the show. We’d love know what she’s been up to!

4. Eddie Thomas

In a perfect world, Raven and Chelsea would share the screen with heir other best friend Eddie (played by Orlando Brown) again. We really do miss the original trio!

5. Alana Rivera

Even though she was a mean girl, we couldn’t get enough of the craziness Alana (played by Adrienne Bailon) brought to “That’s So Raven.” Reigniting this rivalry? Sounds good to us!

6. Stanley

As a next door neighbour, Stanley (played by Bobb’e J. Thompson) annoyed the Baxters all the time! They may not miss him, but we do. Does he still have a crush on Raven? Is he still a salesman? Does he still love cheese sandwiches? We need answers!

7. Sydney

She was like a sister to Raven! We’d would be so thrilled to have Sydney (played by Sydney Park) and her signature sense of humour back on the show.

9. Ben Sturky

Despite the fact that he smelled bad, Stinky Sturky (played by Joshua Harto) had a heart of gold! He was a great friend to the Baxters and we’d gladly welcome him onto “Raven’s Home.”

10. The Boyz N Motion

Last but not least, we cannot live without this iconic boyband (played by Michael Copon, Ryan Hansen and Columbus Short.) They give us ~their~ devotion, the least we can do is give them ours in return. Don’tcha think?

So glad to have you back, Ms. Baxter!

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