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Amanda Steele Opens Up About Having an Anxiety Attack on the Red Carpet


Amanda Steele Opens Up About Having an Anxiety Attack on the Red Carpet

The beauty influencer recalls how she got through the scary experience.

From OUR point of view, red carpet events couldn’t be more glamorous. Because after all, we get to see our favorite celebrities rocking their most fabulous fashions, taking incredible photos, giving insightful interviews, and getting ready for the exciting event they’re attending. But if you think about it from the star’s perspective, red carpets can be kind of overwhelming and terrifying. With all the people there staring at you, and blinding lights and camera flashes while hundreds of photographers are swooping in to grab the perfect angle.

Last year, 18-year-old actress and beauty influencer Amanda Steele was invited to attend one of the biggest movie events in the world: the Cannes Film Festival in the South of France. In a new essay, Amanda opened up about her experience there, revealing that suddenly being at such an important venue in a foreign country caused her to have a “crazy anxiety attack.”

“It was never the plan to attend a red carpet premiere, but super last minute I got a ticket to walk the carpet for ‘Okja.’ It was really crazy as we figured out how to make it happen. Next thing I know, I’m literally on a moped rushing through the streets to find something to wear with wet nails and my hair only half done,” Amanda shared. “The fashion is so important and it’s such a huge event that people talk about it for months after its done. I ended up in Redemption with all Dior makeup and it was the best experience ever.”

Even in an exciting and happy setting, the rushed nature of the event took a toll on Amanda’s mental health.

“I arrived and honestly, I had a bit of a crazy anxiety attack when I got there. I got super scared and flustered. I had no idea what I was doing,” she shared. “I walked the carpet by myself and without a phone because it wouldn’t fit in my bag. As soon as I got on the carpet, they sent everyone up the stairs and I was so overwhelmed and no one was speaking English. I didn’t know if I was doing the looking in the right direction for the photographers. I was very flustered, but I think I figured it out. Still when it was over, I had to figure out how to leave the Palais and get home without my phone.”

Fortunately, Amanda was able to get through it all. And when it was all over, she was reminded how special it was for her to be able to experience this big moment.

“Cannes is such an iconic film festival. The biggest actors and actresses have walked that carpet and for an aspiring actress like myself, it was such a huge moment for me. I do red carpets all the time -— almost every week — but to be in such an awesome place like that does not compare,” she shared. “Every actor dreams of getting to that point, and I feel so lucky and blessed and so inspired to keep doing what I’m doing.”

It’s so great that Amanda was able to turn her scary experience into a beautiful memory.

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