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Music Monday: Meet Eben


Music Monday: Meet Eben

Get to know your new fave artist.

We love introducing you guys to new artists that we’re excited about, so we’re thrilled to be featuring Eben today! You may recognize him from his new hit single “LAMBO” and his mixtape “Finally” is out now – scroll down to listen! 

We know the drill – you find a new artist you love, you watch the music video a thousand times, and then you want to know everything about them, right? Well, we aniticpated you guys being totally obsessed with Eben so we asked him to share a few fun facts so we can all get to know him better!

He’s what he shared: 

-I have a killer Scottish/Irish accent 

-I used to be a gymnast

-My favorite spot for breakfast in LA  is Joan’s on Third in Studio City, CA

-My favorite song at the moment has to be “Rich and Sad” by Post Malone 

-An album I wish I could’ve been in the studio while being created is Travis Scott’s “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight”

Thanks for the fun facts, Eben! 

If you haven’t seen his music video yet, check it out here:

Listen to Eben’s EP “Finally” here:

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