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#BeautyBasics with Olivia Holt


#BeautyBasics with Olivia Holt

“It took me a really long time to find certain products that worked well for me”

Whether she’s singing onstage or filming scenes for her new show, Cloak & Dagger, Olivia Holt’s skin is always flawless! 

And while Liv likes to glam it up with pretty makeup every now and then, she keeps her daily routine pretty natural, which is probably one of the many reasons why her skin always looks SO amazing!

Just like her latest single, Olivia was super “Generous” and spilled her skincare secrets to YSBnow. “The key to great skin is just really finding the type of products that work for your skin,” she dishes. “It took me a really long time to find certain products that worked well for me.”

That means, knowing what type of skin you have: Oily, dry, sensitive or maybe a mix of all three!

“I make sure that I exfoliate every single day,” Olivia adds. “I have very dry and sensitive skin and I break out occasionally, but my main thing is always moisturizing because my skin is so dry — whether that’s twice a day or four times a day.”

She says that protecting your skin against the harsh sun is also a very important factor in her skincare routine, especially since she resides in sunny California.

“I’m always out in the sun,” she reveals. “I’m a big hiker and beach gal, so its really important for me to always have SPF on, which is something that you’ve got to find for your skin type.”

Oh, and one more bonus beauty tip? Liv says if you want to experiment with makeup but aren’t exactly a pro just yet, don’t worry — it takes time to learn the do’s and don’ts!

“I missed the whole mom-teaches-daughter-how-to-put-on-makeup thing,” she says about the first time she put makeup on. “I missed that entire phase of my life because I was on TV at such a young age. So I grew up learning from numerous makeup artists how to put on makeup, different ways you can put on makeup, what type of makeup to use, what type of makeup not to use.”

And while makeup and skincare products can keep your complexion clear, Olivia’s a firm believer that real beauty shines from the inside-out. “You unique inner beauty is always in you,” she says. “It shines from within. And if you let it, it will shine so bright!”

Just like Olivia, you’re so beautiful now!

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