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#YSBnowDIY Chokers!


#YSBnowDIY Chokers!

Why pay so much money for a choker when you can make your own?!

Hey #YSBnowFam, Brooke here!

Chokers are such a craze right now and I absolutely love them. Sometimes chokers can be a little over priced for what they really are. I’ve seen simple ribbons of lace or velvet sold for $20! WHY?!

So, I decided I would head over to the craft store and make my own!

The supplies I purchased to make these were all under $5!

1. 3 yrd leather cording string

2. Gold charm

3. Czech glass beads

Beaded Choker

Make sure to measure the string around your neck to the length you would like it to be at, then add a little extra at the ends.

Then you can start stringing on your beads! They’re so tiny that they don’t slide everywhere which was great, but to be sure, tie a knot where the beads start and finish once they’re in place!

Finally, put it around your neck and tie it in a bow for closure. If you double knot this thin cord it might be really tough to get off.

Braided Choker With A Charm

This one is as simple as its name…you literally just braid it! I did the simple 3 strand braid. If you’re someone who knows how to do fancy braids, I’m very jealous and I would totally try that too!

Once you’re done with that tedious step, knot the bottom end and slide your charm of choice on!

Because the brading makes the cord thicker, a double knotted closure is easier than a bow!

I love this look because so many chokers in the stores have charms, but when you design your own the charm can be something special to you!

I plan on making more chokers with different materials, like velvet ribbon, so tweet us @ysbnow with #YSBnowDIY if you’d like to see more!

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